Much more than just a tribute to the Beatles, the performance of Beatbox aims to revive the energy and charm of the legendary quar tet from Liverpool. To obtain the desired result, nothing has been left to chance: the instrumentation is identical to that used by the Beatles in their historical concerts, the Stage clothes, are made by the same tailor who made them for the U.S. tours of the Fab Four.

To give life to this project, four musicians from the curriculum rather than noble:  Mauro Sposito,Filippo Caretti, Riccardo Bagnoli and Federico Franchi has played with the great names of Italian pop. A show that runs through the memories and the discovery of several generations, with performances faithfully to the original, to rediscover the enthusiasm and positivity of the Swinging ‘60s.

Molto piu’ che un semplice tributo ai Beatles, la performance dei Beatbox si propone di far rivivere l’energia e il fascino del mitico quartetto di Liverpool. E per ottenere il risultato desiderato nulla è stato lasciato al caso: dalla strumentazione, identica a quella usata dai Beatles nei loro storici concerti, ai vestiti, confezionati su misura dalla stessa sartoria che li creò per la tournèe americana dei Fab Four.

A dare vita a questo progetto, quattro musicisti dal curriculum piu’ che nobile: Federico Franchi, Mauro Sposito, Riccardo Bagnoli e Filippo Caretti vantano collaborazioni con i grandi nomi del pop italiano. Uno show che attraversa i ricordi e le scoperte di piu’ generazioni, con esecuzioni fedelissime a quelle originali, per riscoprire l’entusiasmo e la positività dei mitici anni ’60.

Mauro Sposito as John
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Harmonica

He started his musical career in 1993, in 1998 he began to play with the successful italian band “New Trolls” and this collaboration lasts until 2009.

He collaborated with important orchestras for the New Trolls’ “Concerto Grosso” (Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, Roma, Trieste and many others).

The “Concerto Grosso” live played in the beautiful Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste has been recorded and published as dvd (New Trolls Trilogy Live) in 2008.

During the New Trolls adventure he collaborated with many important artists, such as Loredana Bertè, Gino Paoli and many others.

In 2010 he became the founder of “The Beatbox a tribute to the Beatles” together with the drummer Alfio Vitanza and began to tour the most important European cities and theatres.The Beatbox played more than 500 gigs all over the world (Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Azerbaijan, Spain, USA, New Zeland, Mexico).

Riccardo Bagnoli as Paul
Vocals, Bass, Piano, Guitar

He studied solfége and theory since he was 12 years old, then he began to play saxophone and in few years he learned to play other instruments like guitar, drums, piano and bass guitar.He’s on the scene from the age of fourteen and he evolved his musical knowledge with important private teachers, but he is essentially self-taught. 

After many experiences as professional musician, in 2010 he enjoyed the role of Paul McCartney, until his first appearance with “The Beatbox Beatles Tribute Band” in 2012.

He decided to improve his role by switching the way of playing bass guitar from right-handed to left-handed. He performed in some of the most important Italian theatres as Arena di Verona, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Teatro della Luna in Milan and Obi Hall in Florence. He also appeared on the most important Italian tv and radio broadcast, including Rai Uno and Canale 5. 

He actually plays with “The Beatbox Beatles Tribute Band” all around the world.

Filippo Caretti as George
Vocals, Lead Guitar

He began to play guitar when He was 7 years old and He discovered The Beatles’ music by himself, particularly John Lennon’s. When He was twelve He performed live for the very first time at a famous festival based on the Beatles and He distinguished himself thanks to the young age and his peculiar abilities with voice and guitar. 

When He was fifteen He decided to study classic guitar and double-bass and, of course, history of music, theory of music, analysis and composition. 

However, the strong passion for the electric guitar soon led him back to his first and greatest love: The Beatles. For years, He performed live in every part of Italy and eventually took part of a tv show based on the The Beatles and broadcasted on national Italian television. His desire to make his guitar gently weep induced him to specialize in Quiet George’s technique, while improving his vocal skills. 

In February 2018, aged 18, Filippo joined “The Beatbox” and began to perform in the most famous Italian and European venues.

Federico Franchi as Ringo
Vocals, Drums, Percussions

He spent his childhood close to famous Italian musicians since his father Renzo was at that time working as a session man for famous bands and solo artists. Federico learned how to play guitar and drums in his teenage and since the age of 19 he’ve been working as a musician and a drums teacher. 

In the last 15 years he recorded several albums with independent Italian artists. His latest work sees him sitting behind the drum-set with the Italo-Iranian band THE ALLOPHONES, an alternative rock band that just released his second studio album, MUSCLE MEMORY.

He started playing the Beatles at the age of 15 and developed a strong passion for Ringo’s drumming, a passion that took his style deeply into a vintage swinging feel. By 2008 he’s been working with the most known Italian Beatles Tribute Bands.

Stefano Molinari
Keyboards, Percussions

Stefano was born in Turin, Italy, in 1957, therefore he fully lived through The Beatles era. 

He still remembers the emotion he felt as a child when his first “Help” 45s was brought home as a present. From then on, you can easily guess what happened in his life. Isn’t it what had already happened to all of the others? A whole youth spent in the good company of the Fab Four. Not bad... 

So, after experiencing hundreds of performances in venues situated all around the world, Stefano eventually made his artistic contribution to “The Beatbox”. His fantastic way of playing is perfect for the Beat arrangements, considered that he didn’t have to learn but already knew how to play. 

In short, making a “job” out of a passion surely is a very pleasant achievement. 

Sometimes, destiny...

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